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Everything you need to know about Winter Sports for kids

Ski season 2018 is here and you probably thinking about hitting the slopes  - all snow-topped trees, snowy snowdrifts and immaculate slopes. Are you thinking to a nice weekend in Romania for your first time at ski with your kids?

Try the best ski place for beginners, particularly if you want your little ones to learn on a safe and very child-friendly slope. Cheile Grădiștei is just 3 and a half hours away from Bucharest and is by far the best, and least expensive, option. So, if you are organising a ski holiday for your family, read the following suggestions - they will make your kids’ ski lessons funnier and more simple and they are offered by Mihai Acostachioaie, 31 years old, ski instructor and coach at cross-country skiing and biathlon.

Did you know that you’ll find  a good slope for beginners at Cheile Grădiștei Fundata? The place is full of snow from the very first days of winter and there also are artificial snow facilities, a ski lift and a big hotel complex with restaurants, pubs and a teahouse only 2-300 meters near the slope!

Essential things to keep in mind for ski

Why is it worthwhile to bring your kids to Cheile Grădiştei?

First thing first, this resort is that kind of place where you do not find a lot of crowding. Secondly, at Fundata there is a very good slope for beginners: small enough so the parents always see their children and so smooth that the kids manage to get it down quite quickly. All these give them courage and they are not afraid to try.

How you get your child into winter sports?

Children naturally like to slide on the snow - you do not have to do something special for that. Parents are the ones who sometimes really want their kids to do winter sports. Just bring the kids to ski and be sure too few give up, especially after they enjoy the first lessons - they will like skiing every time they are on holiday.

What is the best age to start winter sports?

Ski is recommended around 4 years old. Now it's a good time for kids to learn because they get it very fast, they not afraid, they are quite stable and don’t fall easily.

How many lessons are necessary for a kid to learn to ski?

There is no rule - it depends a lot on the child's motor skills and how much he is willing to learn. Those who know how to skate or roll on rollers manage to get down in 2-3 hours - so they can learn pretty much during one weekend. As a rule, children after 7-8 years are able to stay on the slope for a couple of hours, but the younger ones stay only for an hour before getting tired - it's important for them to listen a full hour, not less. However, from our point of view, only 2 hours are not enough: the child still has a lot to learn to master the skiing very well, to learn how to turn and how to skid - and these things need several ski lessons on a row. I would say, at least 7 hours are necessary to learn skiing by the book, but, I repeat, it's not a rule. I recently had a few lessons with a child and his father: the next day the adult forgot what i showed him but the little one knew - after 5 hours he was getting down well for a beginner.

Why do you need a ski instructor for your child if you, as a parent, know to ski well?

Even if parents know how to ski, they can’t teach their children correctly, mainly because they don’t have the information a beginner needs to find out or they can’t explain well - some have no patience and teach kids wrong. The instructor usually has a method to explain the movements, teaches the child the first steps - to climb the lifts, descend, turn, and then help him to consolidate these things. For example, I'm making some trails on the slope so the kid easily record it and that help him to approach the slopes - that he will know when to make longer or shorter turns. We also have the situation when children are lying down in the presence of their parents - but if someone else strange is with them they become careful. As a rule, the instructor has the authority and is a model for the child.

How do you choose the equipment for the little ones and what’s reliable?

At any time, parents can rely on the instructor's advice when they want to rent the right equipment  for children's winter sports. It is better to rent while the kid is growing. Just tell the child's boots at the rental center and they’ll know what equipment to give them - we do not have different brands for children, it is important that the bindings are delivered under optimum technical conditions.

How do you choose a good instructor for children?

It is good to ask for references or to see if the instructor has worked with children before.

How much is a ski day at Grădiştei Getaways for beginners?

Prices for ski equipment (ski boots, skis and sticks) are 40 lei / day for children and 50 lei / day for adults. The ski lift rate is 25 lei / five climbs - enough for beginners in the first hour of skiing.

Did you know that ski glasses and helmet protects the little ones on the slope? Test the glasses along with the helmet, and we recommend you to buy quality glasses ALWAYS - the cheap ones get steamed easily.

Short list for a happy winter holiday with your children

1. Choose sunny days and relatively warm weather for the first going out - no child likes to stay in the snow when it’s cold

2. Search for a less crowded resort - where kids have fun like this

3. Take breaks during the day - winter sports are funnier for kids when they recreate with hot chocolate and snacks, of course

4. Give them little control over the situation - and the pride of being the hero who carries his own gear

5. Bring friends who do winter sports - your kids will have someone to play with and most importantly they will feel motivated to learn faster.

We drop the line: if you go 2-3 times a year in the mountains, rent your equipment and enjoy winter sports with your family. Experience and do some ski lessons together with you child. You will surely need them over the years, when he will compete with you. 

Do you want to take your family to the skiing? Make a reservation!


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